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Home Forums RACCA Forum Attracting millennial customers to your business

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    ACHR News published an article on four ways HVAC businesses can appeal to millennial customers.

    The article states that the millennial generation “born between 1980 and 2000, will make up 50 percent of the global workforce by 2020.”

    The article also emphasises the importance of appealing to millennial customers and what they are looking for.

    “Your biggest customer base is coming up the pipe quickly, and it’s time to learn how to appeal to and communicate with this group–or else your business could be headed for trouble.

    “Millennials really only request two things: authenticity and efficiency.”

    The four ways that the article recommends on attracting millennial customers are: finding a voice on social media, offering cost-saving options, embracing authentic causes, and integrating technology into the business.

    In regards to finding a voice on social media, the article recommends business owners to focus on a few social media channels until they’re able to develop a solid marketing strategy to be able to manage more channels, to post fun and interesting visuals, offer fan-only incentives, share company news and highlight positive reviews.

    In regards to offering cost-saving options, the article recommends looking into online coupon options to gain customers.

    In regards to embracing authentic causes, the article emphasises that if millennial customers suspect a business isn’t being authentic or honest, they will go elsewhere, even more so when businesses are promoting causes.

    In regards to integrating technology into the business, the article recommends utilising mobile technology for customers to know when a technician is expected to arrive and to schedule appointments.

    ACHR News’ article can be read in full here.



    What does your business do to attract millennials or customers of a younger demographic? Do you have specific strategies to achieve this? Feel free to login and comment below.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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