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Home Forums RACCA Forum Installing consumer-purchased equipment

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    ACHR News have published an article on the pros and cons of installing consumer-purchased HVACR equipment.

    The article emphasises that while this practice is seen as taboo for some contractors, the trend of consumers buying their own HVACR equipment is rising.

    The article consists of interviews from various HVACR contractors providing their perspective on both sides of the argument.

    Kim Madden, Vice President of Custom Climate Heating & Air, in California, emphasised that consumers will hold the contractor who installs the equipment accountable, despite the fact that the consumer bought the equipment themselves.

    “Despite what customers might tell you initially, if you are the installer, they will hold you accountable for the quality and performance of that system regardless of who provided the equipment.We want to know where our equipment comes from and be assured that our distributor will stand behind it in case of failure. If we don’t provide the equipment, we have no idea of its history.”

    David Borowski, Director of Technical Training at the Direct Energy/Success Academy, in Texas, emphasised that poor consumer results could impair a contractor’s reputation, product warranties will be a nightmare, and that any other consequences could be troublesome for a contractor and their business. However Borowski also emphasised the benefits for contractors if they do choose to install consumer-purchased HVACR equipment, such as gaining customers, and marketing and selling opportunities.

    Brian D. Feenie, Home Comfort Consultant at Clyde S. Walton Inc, in Pennsylvania stated in the article that contractors who choose to do these installations will make up any lost profits by increasing the cost of labour.

    The article concluded by emphasising that as online retailers grow and large chain stores enhance their present in the HVACR field by selling products, contractors will still face this decision in the foreseeable future.

    ACHR News’ article can be read in full here.


    Does your business install consumer-purchased HVAC equipment? Feel free to login and comment below.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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