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FEATURE: New working group for natural refrigerants

Companies are invited to join a working group that has been established by Refrigerants Australia to examine policy barriers and technical challenges associated with natural refrigerants.

Refrigerants Australia (RA) has announced the formation of a working group to address significant policy changes and technical barriers blocking the introduction and widespread use of natural refrigerants.

Membership to the working group is open to Australian companies interested in improving access to natural refrigerants and clarifying technical barriers.

RA Executive Director, Greg Picker, said there is a small membership fee of $1,000 per company to cover the cost of operating the group, which will hold its first meeting in June.

He said there will be three meetings in 2016 to pool industry knowledge, identify specific policy areas that need to be addressed and to assist in educating relevant parties on the use of natural refrigerants, especially when it comes to safety.

The first meeting in June will identify the issues that need to be addressed, while the second meeting in August will look at solutions and action plans for ongoing management. The final meeting in November will determine if the working group should continue with the implementation of a strategic business plan.

“At this stage it is a 12-month working group that will be very solutions-focused,” Picker said.

“A number of our members are interested in assessing potential opportunities for naturals and dealing with some of the barriers that are blocking their use.

“It’s the kind of activity one expects from an industry association. But as an industry group we do not promote naturals, just as we don’t promote any specific refrigerant or product.”

Although everyone is welcome to join, members must sign up and agree to the group’s principles.

“We do not support any retrofit of refrigerant if it is not approved by the original equipment manufacturer–this is a key principle.”


For details, email Greg Picker at or call 0403741715.



Article source–Climate Control News:





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