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IIR provides info on social media & refrigeration


Image via Pixabay


The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) have published an article providing vital social media tips to those in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

The article provides information on how the refrigeration industry is present on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube and the ways they use these social media websites to their advantage. The IIR provides Stephen Gill’s social media and poster campaign, which won several awards, was viewed and shared on social media thousands of times and was translated into six languages as an example of the major success the refrigeration industry could enjoy as a result of using social media to an advantage.

According to the article, major stakeholders from all refrigeration sectors are on Twitter sharing links to valuable research data, providing updates on global climate talks and promoting the latest industry developments.

The article also lists the benefits of refrigeration professionals using LinkedIn due to its purpose to serve the business community. The benefits of LinkedIn for refrigeration professionals include but are not limited to: finding professionals with similar interests to share content, finding answers, posting and/or viewing jobs and making business contacts. According to the article, LinkedIn has at least 345 refrigeration groups.

The article also lists the wide variety of information that can be found on refrigeration via YouTube. According to the article, the keyword “refrigeration” alone generates 118,000 results on various topics, including but not limited to: basic principles, temperature cascade refrigeration system repair and webinars on refrigeration training.

The article can be read in full and more social media info and tips can be found here.






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