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RACCA was established in Sydney in 1943, quickly expanding to the establishment of branches in all the mainland states.

As a contractors’ association, RACCA is based on company membership and includes technician status. RACCA endeavours to be involved wherever and whenever the refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and ventilation industry is affected. This endeavour includes RACCA being on Standards committees, training and education committees, as well as industry, environmental and Government lobby groups. RACCA’s involvement on these committees and lobby groups ensures that RACCA remains at the forefront of any changes that affect our industry and is seen as the premier body to consult with when considering changes that affect our industry.

RACCA by its formation, definition and purpose is a typical trade association, drawing its active and voting membership from the Australian refrigeration and air conditioning contracting industry. RACCA is a voluntary and non-profit organisation. As a modern trade association, RACCA is keenly aware of the increasing challenge of business, the rapid changes in technical developments, product applications and marketing. RACCA is consciously prepared to continually review its policies and actions in order to keep ahead of events and serve the membership and industry.


RACCA Federal Council

RACCA’s Federal Council is the affiliated RACCA association from the five mainland states. The Federal Council co-ordinates the activities of the state member associations, deals with all matters on a national basis and implements RACCA’s policy on a national level. More information on the RACCA Federal Council can be found here.