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What does RACCA do?
What is a Trade Association?
What are the advantages of being a member?

What does RACCA do?

•Foster the prestige of the industry and promote its public relations.
•Secure uniformity in trade and professional practices.
•Encourage and nurture the influx and training of apprentices.
•Represent you with other industry associations and government bodies.
•Provide technical advice.
•Encourage co-operation with and assistance among fellow contractors.


What is a trade association?

•Trade associations are the accepted and respected representatives of their specific trade and/or industry. Invariably they have been the great dividing force behind economical and industrial developments. Trade Associations constitute the perfect medium through which Trade Members have the opportunity to resolve common problems, and co-operate for their industry’s benefit.

•RACCA by its formation, definition and purpose is a typical trade association, drawing its active and voting membership from the Australian Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contracting Industry. RACCA is also a non-profit organisation.


What are the advantages of being a member?

•All your problems of a trade nature can be taken to your committee for discussion and advice.

•You receive up-to-date information on costing procedures, decisions, licensing matters, insurance, wages, etc.

•You are helping to prevent our industry becoming a trade jungle.

•You are invited to attend general and annual meetings, including social functions, at which you have the opportunity of meeting old friends and making new ones.

•You receive a monthly copy of newsletters containing information on Australia’s refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

•Membership is rewarding and is essential to keep our industry clean, efficient, prosperous and expanding.

•Remember the stronger the association, the more benefits gained by its individual members.


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(Note: Services offered to members may vary from state to state)