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Inspiring female fridgie on the right track



Three tradespeople, including a refrigeration technician, are featured in an advertisement for the Tradeswomen Australia Community Foundation that is being shown on Melbourne trams.

In 2022, Jennah Halley of Cairns’ JNR Refrigeration was selected Australia’s apprentice of the year. Her picture is currently shown on the Melbourne tram network’s “Women Succeed in Trades” tram.

The fully wrapped tram depicts actual women who are successful traders. Halley, a successful electrician, and a competent gardener share the mobile billboard.

Under the support of the Yarra Trams Community Partnership Programme, which offers in-kind advertising to nonprofits and charities, Swinburne Design Bureau undergraduates developed the tram campaign.

According to Glenn Evans, CEO of the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC), the campaign’s inclusion of a refrigeration technician is beneficial for Australia’s HVAC&R sector.

“It’s fantastic to see our industry represented in this way, and we are delighted to see Jennah Halley becoming a prominent face for female fridgies,” Evans says.

“Thanks to Jennah, and to Tradeswomen Australia, we are showing young women that not only can they pursue a trade career, but they can do it in the refrigeration sector. ARC data analysis shows the number of female fridgies has tripled in the past three years, and 55 per cent of them are under 29 – this tram can only help to boost those numbers further.”

Tradeswomen Australia is a non-profit organisation that aims to increase the representation of women in skilled trade roles and create safe workplaces for everyone.



This story and image were provided courtesy of Nick Johns-Wickberg from HVAC&R News page and was slightly edited prior to publication.
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