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LG Multi V Water IV

Water source systems have really stood the test of time making them a great foundation for newer improved models and further technological advancements. The Multi V Water IV is the most recent innovation from LG, designed to respond to the current market trends and requirements. Although there have been new products from several HVAC providers in the space, the LG Multi V Water IV module provides a number of significant advancements.

Compact and flexible design 

The LG Multi V Water IV is considerably more compact than previous models. To be exact, the new and improved modular condensing units measure just 755 x 997 x 500 in dimension, compared with the market competitors being 12% – 77% larger in a single module format. In addition, the weight is between reduced to be 15% - 42% lighter than our competitors in a single module format. Not only does this mean that each stackable unit takes up significantly less space, but they can also be installed inside the building thus not distracting from the exterior look of a building.

Range of module sizes

The new Multi V Water IV has a wide range of unit capacities from 22.4kW – 56kW are available in a single condenser, including 33.6kW and 35.3kW models.  With a single module condenser LG can design an indoor connection ratio of 50 – 200%. The rare option of being able to select the best size for each application all in a smaller and lighter foot print.

Energy efficiency

The Multi V Water IV efficiency is aided by its large stainless steel heat exchanger and all inverter compressor system. The Energy efficiency ratio is between at 5 and 6 depending on the model, plus our patented HiPOR (oil return system) and Active Oil management which detects the oil level in the compressor reducing wasted time in the oil recovery process.

Furthermore, the Multi-V Water IV has the option of using a variable water control system that can reduce water consumption by 30% and deliver an estimated 50% cooling tower power saving when compared with the constant water flow system.*

Leak detection sensor

The new 4 series indoor units feature connection to the LG refrigerant leak detector for real time refrigerant leak detection that recognises leaks and informs the user immediately through an alarm and a visual warning on the control panel. With effective management, this feature prevents the risk of compressor burn out and increases the overall reliability of the system.

The LG Multi V IV range is available in water cooled and air cooled systems. Please visit the LG website for more information

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