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Fujitsu General Lifestyle range--with Wi-Fi

Fujitsu General has released a collection of Lifestyle wall mounted air-conditioning units that come with Wi-Fi control.

The new Wi-Fi wall mounted units in the KMCB/TB and CMCB/TB series can be operated away from the system's location, or simply from another room, via a compatible iOS or Android phone or tablet, by downloading the free easy-to-use FGLair app.

The FGLair app enables the user to view or change the temperature set point and operating mode of individual units, their fan speed and louver position; setting up weekly timers and turning individual units on or off. One mobile device can control up to 24 indoor units remotely. Multiple mobile devices can also control a single unit.

Each air conditioning unit within the home can have a customised name that can be changed in the app, providing clear identification of the room being accessed and controlled remotely. The indoor units also communicate with the app, enabling the user to opt in to receive error notifications by email or SMS. Two timer settings can be scheduled using the FGLair app. These settings can be checked and changed remotely or while at home.

With the ability to add up to 24 units to the one account, users with holiday accommodation can monitor and control the air conditioning systems remotely, providing a comfortable indoor temperature before the arrival of guests. A minimum heat mode can also be set for each unit preventing room temperatures dropping, in the case of extreme cold weather (below 10 degrees).

The new Wi-Fi wall mounted units in the Lifestyle range can be operated with a Wi-Fi router (2.4Ghz) with internet connection and a compatible mobile device. The app is compatible with iOs 8.0 or later and Android OS 4.1 or later.

More information can be found on or by calling Fujitsu General on 1300 882 201.

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