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Changes to RAC licence scheme in 2018



Changes to the refrigeration and air conditioning licence scheme will be taking place in 2018.

The Australian Refrigeration Council’s (ARC) official website states that the changes are result of the review of the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Program (OPSGGM) which took place between 2015 and 2016. The review included the examination of the RAC licence scheme, and identified two specific measures to be implemented–extending the duration of licences and updating the re-application process.

In regards to extending the duration of licences, in 2018 the option of a three year refrigerant handling licence and refrigerant trading authorisation will be available, along with the standard durations. This option will be in a transition period for the entire year. The ARC website states that trainee refrigerant handling licences will default to one year in duration.

In regards to updating the re-application process, from 1 January, re-applying for a refrigerant handling licence and/or refrigerant trading authorisation will become a renewal rather than a re-application process. This will only be available to those renewing 30 days or more prior to the expiry date. For those who are intending to renew within 30 days of the expiry date, they will have to go through the re-application process.

The ARC stated that the industry will benefit from these changes as they will reduce administrative costs and the length of time it takes to apply for a licence or authorisation.

More information on the changes can be found here.





Image via Pixabay.




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