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FEATURE: Fujitsu General provides more multi system solutions in 2021


Fujitsu General Australia is expanding its line-up of indoor products for multi systems with the inclusion of the ARTG24LMLC slim duct unit.

Available early January 2021, the ARTG24LMLC is a medium static compact ducted indoor unit suitable for installation within most ceiling and bulkhead spaces. Able to be applied as a one-to-one split ducted configuration, it is also now compatible with Fujitsu General AOTG36LBLA5 (5 room) and AOTG45LBLA6 (6 room) multi system outdoor units.

A multi system is ideal when individual units are required in more than one room and when a traditional ducted system may not be suitable due to the homes design.

Multi systems can either cool or heat multiple rooms using just the one compact outdoor unit. Up to six indoor units can be connected to the one outdoor unit and the temperature can be individually controlled to help manage energy costs with temperature, air movement and timer operation all able to be programmed.

Fujitsu General 5 and 6 head multi systems can be operated seamlessly via the UTY-DMMYM optional large backlit LCD central controller to manage indoor comfort individually or simultaneously, similar to a ducted system.

“Fujitsu General continues to expand its product portfolio to accommodate modern home design and  installation requirements. The addition of this slim ducted indoor unit allows greater flexibility in offering a whole home multi system solution where a larger unit is required for an open living area along with a few smaller units for the bedrooms. We’re giving our customers more indoor unit combination options to offer their customers,” commented Kyle Rafter, National Product Manager, Fujitsu General Australia.

Fujitsu General believes in quality and reliability. All domestic air conditioning systems come with a five-year parts and labour warranty as well as access to Fujitsu General’s in-house customer care and technical support team, Fujitsu General Assist, for ongoing, local support.


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