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Going Digital: Apps for the Industry



Like every other industry, the air conditioning, refrigeration and heating industry has gone digital. Starting with websites and emails, now the industry has expanded to offering apps. Industry-related and specialised apps give businesses within the industry the freedom to operate on a portable, out-of-the-office level, which helps their businesses thrive and survive.

So what are the industry-related and specialised apps out there?

There is the RedPoint F-Gas HVAC & F-Gas App, which is known as the UK’s #1 iOS based app. It boasts many benefits, including but not limited to: tracking job status, business and asset management, assigning work to engineers, managing F-Gas bottle contracts, producing F-gas and commissioning certificates, identifying and preventing F-gas theft, delegating work to subcontractors, exporting services to other software and reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

The App is available in the USA, Australia and the rest of Europe, however at the moment registration and pricing is only available in the UK and USA. More information on the App can be found at RedPoint F-Gas’ website.

There are also different types of apps available from iTunes. They include but are not limited to–the Gas Ventilation Calculator, Master Gas, Gas Installers Workmate Mobile, EasyGas Mobile, Heating System Size Calculator, Gas Rate Calculator, Ideal Heating Boiler Sizing App, GB Gas Heat Input Calculator, Plumbing Toolbox and the Wiring Guide for Domestic Heating.

These Apps range in their iOS requirements and prices, as well as ranging in their target audience. While the majority of them would be used by engineers–heating or otherwise–business owners, their staff and tradespeople could also use them and find them invaluable for their businesses. Some of these Apps may only be able be relevant in the UK or USA, nevertheless it would be worthwhile to consider using them. There are also Australian apps–Aircon Sizing Wizard, MyAir and Daikin SKYFi out there that businesses should also be considering worthwhile to use.

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