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Government releases Industrial Refrigeration guide

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The Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH) have released a new industrial refrigeration guide.

According to the OEH’s website, the guide is “for all those involved in the operation of industrial refrigeration and process cooling systems.”

The OEH’s website also states that the guide outlines 15 technologies to increase the energy efficiency of a plant, with estimated annual energy savings, capital costs and payback periods. The guide also provides examples to help operators, engineers and managers of refrigerant plants to understand the refrigeration technologies available to improve energy efficiency, develop a strategy to minimise energy use, and undertake an industrial refrigeration upgrade.

The 15 technologies that the guide outlines are:

  • Variable head pressure control and variable inter-stage pressure control
  • Automated compressor staging and capacity control
  • Water and air purging from ammonia systems
  • Heat recovery from discharge gas and oil cooling
  • Variable defrost timing and termination
  • Variable cold store temperatures
  • Variable evaporator fan speeds
  • Condensate sub-cooling techniques
  • Ammonia plant process design review
  • Improved industrial screw compressor oil feed control and oil cooling
  • Screw compressor degradation check
  • Fluid chiller selection for energy efficiency
  • Improved chiller fluid circuit design and control
  • Variable chiller fluid temperatures, and
  • Variable cooling water temperatures

As well as the guide, the OEH also offer an energy efficiency commercial refrigeration course. The course consists of a free 15 minute online component, and a half-day workshop.

The OEH website states that the online component focuses on identifying and explaining key components of a refrigeration system, comparing the energy efficiency of refrigeration equipment and refrigerants, and learning how to talk to contractors on improving systems. The workshop focuses on understanding the refrigerant phasedown and how it will affect systems, selecting and comparing between new systems, and taking simple steps to improve the productivity of existing systems.

The course dates are yet to be announced.

The Industrial Refrigeration guide and more information on the energy efficiency commercial refrigeration course can be found here.




Image via Pixabay.




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