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Heatcraft announces CO2 systems training


Heatcraft has announced that the first round of their CO2 systems training will commence next month.

According to Heatcraft’s media release, the training is open to refrigeration contractors and consultants who are interested in specifying, selling, installing, commissioning and servicing CO2 systems.

The course content will provide first-hand experience for all participants to gain an understanding of CO2 refrigeration technologies providing hassle-free installation, start-up and operation.

The training will be lead by Heatcraft Segment Engineer, Douglas Herkess, as well as by Heatcraft subject experts. Herkess stated in the media release that while there will be a significant focus on transcritical CO2 technology, Heatcraft’s goal is to “position this training allowing knowledge building for all levels of contractors that are considering the use of CO2 refrigeration systems.”

Herkess also outlined in the media release how Heatcraft are able to provide CO2 systems training to contractors:

“We are in a unique position at Heatcraft to be able to reach out to facilitate training through our extensive customer base of contractors. We have a local manufacturing facility where we can demonstrate processes and configurations and we have local experts to share the knowledge.

“We have been designing and manufacturing CO2/134a Cascade Racks since 2009, so we have extensive experience and a comprehensive program that we can roll out.”

Herkess also stated that a schedule of ongoing courses will depend on customer interest.The CO2 systems training will be held at Heatcraft’s NSW training facility in Milperra, where attendees will also receive product application training and first hand installation tips through technological and commercial partners.

Heatcraft are not the only manufacturer offering industry training, Mitsubishi Electric are offering free installation training courses on their City Multi VRF and M/P systems.

Contractors or consultants who are interested in undertaking the CO2 systems training can contact Heatcraft on 13 23 50 or by email at





Image via Pixabay.




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