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Supply Chain Sustainability School now has 1000 members

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In March 2015, RACCA Australia published an article on the launch of the Supply Chain Sustainability School. Now the School has surpassed 1000 members.

The School is an online creation by Australian construction and infrastructure industry leaders to increase sustainability knowledge and competency across the supply chain. The School is an online self-assessment tool for businesses, with e-learning modules, and a resource library designed to provide information on topics such as waste, water, environmental management, climate adaptation, carbon, and energy.

The School’s CEO, Robin Mellon, emphasised his excitement at the milestone and how the School has progressed throughout its two years, in their media release.

“We are excited to have passed the milestone of 1,000 members, each of whom is accessing free learning resources and attending our free events around the country.

“The School now has more than 300 free online resources to help people in our industry to skill up, stay relevant, and gain insights into many of the hot button topics transforming the industry.”

Mellon also stated in the media release what the industry’s skills gaps revolve around.

“Our research has identified the industry’s main skills gaps are around social sustainability, energy, water, waste, materials and sustainable procurement. The School can help plug those gaps.”

The School revealed that Michaela Toohey, Strategic Business Lead for HydroChem, is the 1000th member. Toohey herself provided her reasons for joining and the benefits that HydroChem have reaped from her membership.

“Continuous learning is really important to my career, but I don’t always have time to attend face-to-face workshops. Free access to the School’s online resources is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the issues impacting my business, while I get on with my day-to-day challenges.

“I am able to share information easily with my colleagues, and since HydroChem already has a strong commitment to sustainability, the resources help us continue to improve our own operations.”

According to the School’s website, there are currently 34 members who work in air conditioning and heating services.

Australia’s Supply Chain Sustainability School can be found here.





Image via Pixabay.





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