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ARBS 2018–Day 3


The final day of ARBS 2018 opened its doors to an eventual total of 1,976 visitors, which added up to a total of 9,262 visitors for 2018.

It was another busy day for the RACCA Australia team as they also invited students from Bass High School to attend ARBS to “try a trade” and learn more about the industry and its career prospects. RACCA Australia again had assistance from two apprentices: Amber Perrott-Jones from A.G. Coombs and Marcus Jackson from Equilibrium Air Conditioning. Unfortunately David Kupka from the BevWizz Group was unable to assist due to illness, so RACCA Australia’s Administration Assistant, Rachel Loveday, and RACCA VIC/TAS President, Robert Taylor, provided assistance.

Again the students were split into three groups, one group being led by Amber, another group by led by Marcus and the third group being led by Rachel and Robert, talking to the exhibitors and learning what the industry has to offer. They also observed the WorldSkills National Refrigeration Competition taking place so they could see hard work and passionate refrigeration and air conditioning apprentices at work, and learn about the travel opportunities that can come from the industry’s sport.

After their tour of the exhibition and observing the WorldSkills National Refrigeration Competition, the students had the chance to try the trade by learning how to cut, bend and flare copper pipe. Due to David’s absence, RACCA Australia President, Kevin O’Shea instructed one group of students on these skills, with Amber and Marcus instructing their groups of students. As you can see in the photos, which you can view here, they had a great time doing so!

Just like the previous two days, there were several product presentations that took place on the final day of ARBS 2018:


  • Disposable Kitchen Grease Filters–an option for dealing with kitchen exhaust grease (Shepherd Filters)
  • Revit Plug-In (Pacific HVAC Engineering)
  • The HVAC variable speed drive journey–what innovations will the next 50 years bring (Danfoss Drives)
  • Airflow Analysis on HVAC Plant (Daikin Austraia)
  • Refrigerant Phase Down + EcoWise Chillers & Chilled Water Systems (Veolia Energy Technical Services/Trane)


According to the ARBS website, Shepherd Filter’s presentation focused on the benefits of their disposable kitchen grease filters, which include its non-flammability, biodegradability and easy installation. Pacific HVAC Engineering’s presentation showcased their Revit Plug-In drafting tool, which streamlines the job of adding HVAC equipment to Revit drawings and ensures that all stakeholders have access to accurate information instantly. Danfoss Drives’ presentation focuses on the growth of their commercially produced variable speed drives over the last 50 years and what the next 50 years may bring. Daikin Australia’s presentation focused on CFD analysis, specifically how this analysis is performed, its scope, recommendations and examples of results. Veolia Energy Technical Services’ presentation focused on how their large-scale and innovative water, energy and waste solutions can help industrial and commercial companies reach their sustainability goals.

Just like the previous two days, the Speaker Series also had a lot to offer on the final day of ARBS 2018 with one panel discussion and 8 speaker sessions:


  • Big Data–Is it hype or the future? (panel discussion)
  • Welcome News on Control of Legionella, an Unwelcome Contaminant (speaker session)
  • Technical Maturity of Low Charge NH3 Systems (speaker session)
  • Research into PV Cells Driving Domestic Air-Conditioning Units (speaker session)
  • Soft Landings Case Study: A Game Changer for the Australian Building Services Industry (speaker session)
  • Integrated Cooling System: A Freezer & Cool-Room Application Integrating Solar PV with Thermal Energy Storage & A High Efficiency CO2 Only System (speaker session)
  • Real Time Air Quality Monitoring (speaker session)
  • Safety in Design–Do you Understand the Risks? (speaker session)
  • Pre-Cooling for Refrigerated Air Conditioning Systems–Using High Performance Indirect Evaporative Cooling Heat Exchangers to Deliver Huge Energy Savings (speaker session)


We’re looking forward to seeing you all at ARBS 2020, which will return to Melbourne.





Image via RACCA.




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