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Fair Work Ombudsman releases more online training courses

Six months ago, RACCA Australia published an article on the Fair Work Ombudsman releasing five online training courses for employers and employees to help them deal with issues in the workplace.

Now, the Fair Work Ombudsman have released three more online training courses.

Unlike the five online training courses which were released in February, the three new online training courses are aimed at managers, rather than both employers and employees. The three new online training courses are: Diversity and Discrimination, Workplace Flexibility and Managing Employees.

The Diversity and Discrimination course emphasises the importance and benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce and focuses on how to promote diversity and prevent discrimination in the workplace. The course specifically focuses on areas where discrimination may occur such as when recruiting, with schedules and meetings and social functions, as well as how to prevent it by encouraging cultural celebrations and calling out discriminatory behaviour like unconscious bias.

The Workplace Flexibility course emphasises the fact that some employees need workplace flexibility in certain areas and focuses on certain examples of workplace flexibility that managers can provide to their employees. These examples include but are not limited to: job sharing, working from home, rostered days off, start and finish times, flexible rostering and compressed hours.

The Managing Employees course is aimed specifically at managers and focuses on developing communication skills and meeting legal obligations as a manager. This course provides case studies focusing on communication skills, as well as advice on how to deal with common problems such as: lateness, absenteeism, underperformance, workplace conflict, employee complaints and introducing change.

All of the courses are interactive, contain videos and practice scenarios. The courses also include toolkits with relevant links and resources, as well as a self-assessment tool. A Certificate of Completion is available to download on completion of each course.

The Fair Work Ombudsman’s free online training courses, including the five other courses released six months ago: Managing Performance, Starting a New Job, Hiring Employees and Difficult Conversations in the Workplace, can be found here.



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