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FEATURE: Seeley International unveils new dual system


Seeley International has taken the wraps off its much anticipated Climate Wizard CW3 Dual System.

This global game-changer offers an exciting new heating and cooling option that delivers cutting-edge innovation to the homes of consumers wanting next generation energy efficiency, automated year-round comfort, and superbly functional design.

The CW3 Dual System embraces the award-winning pedigree of Climate Wizard technology, which has been used around the world for large and diverse commercial applications, and delivers on the growing concerns that people have, to access fresh, clean air, and combat rising energy costs at the same time.

Seeley International Executive Chairman, Mr Frank Seeley, AM FAICD, said the CW3 is so unique in the way it heats and cools a home, that it creates a brand new category of air conditioning for energy-conscious consumers.

“The existing refrigerated air conditioning technology is based on 100-year-old thinking, and in principle, little has changed over that time until now. Seeley International has transformed the old air conditioning paradigm, with the Climate Wizard Dual System air conditioner–the CW3–which delivers the ultimate comfort, and combines heating and cooling with unrivalled total energy efficiency.

“In developing the CW3 Dual System, Seeley International went to great lengths to understand consumer requirements for agile solutions that can adapt to future energy trends, and strike the optimal balance between functionality and design.”

The CW3 operates for only up to half of the year-round energy costs of running reverse cycle systems, for total heating and cooling. When it’s in cooling mode, it delivers 100 percent fresh air while achieving low cooling temperatures that, in the past, could only be achieved by reverse cycle systems, all while being conveniently managed by the intuitive MagIQtouch touch-screen controller.

The CW3’s cooling system uses MicroCore technology–the secret to hyper-efficient cooling. The outdoor unit is positioned on the roof, delivering cool fresh air via ceiling ducts, providing filtering of the air for dust, dirt and allergens. This is while the cooled air is replaced 10 times an hour, compared to many other systems, which typically recycle stale air when in cooling mode.

The ducted gas heating is separately located, and is connected to the roof-top cooler duct, within the roof space, thus using the same ducting as the cooler. Having heated and cooled air expelled from a ceiling upvent means that windows and doors can be kept closed, while all humidity generated in the cooling process, is exhausted from the cooling unit prior to the conditioned air entering the home.

The Climate Wizard CW3 Dual System will initially be released in limited numbers in South Australia in November.



This story and the accompanying image were provided courtesy of Seeley International. This story was edited slightly prior to publication.





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