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HVAC&R Nation’s business tips

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AIRAH publication, HVAC&R Nation have published an article providing 10 tips for starting and running a HVAC&R business.

The ten tips focus on standing out from the crowd, marketing, business obligations and self-assessment & self-protection.

The ten tips are: stand out from the crowd, specialise, credible qualifications, the “go-to”guy, first impressions, an online presence, money talks, the measure of success, protect yourself and reward of referral.

Stand out from the crowd recommends establishing a point of difference as a technician or tradesperson. Specialise recommends specialise in a specific service or skills. Credible qualifications recommends to technicians or tradespeople to make sure that they have the right qualifications for their state and services.

The “go-to” guy recommends that technicians or tradespeople work out where their key customers are and focus their advertising and work on them. First impressions is self-explanatory, recommending that all technicians and tradespeople always strive to make a good first impression on their customers and clients. An online presence recommends establishing a website.

Money talks recommends scheduling time to organise the business’ finances or scheduling time to hire an accountant to organise the business’ finances. The measure of success recommends constantly monitoring the business” quote success rate. Protect yourself recommends that technicians and tradespersons having insurance, as well as written agreements in place for any jobs. Reward of referral emphasises the power of word-of-mouth marketing and honesty.

The article also provides tips for advertising the business. The article was published in HVAC&R Nation‘s July 2015 issue and can be viewed and downloaded for free. You can find the article and read the tips in full here.


Image via Pixabay.





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