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More issues of The Gauge now available

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Actrol have published Issues 4 and 5 of their industry update publication, The Gauge, online.

Issue 4 (October 2016) focuses on Tecumseh’s semi hermetic Acpac condensing unit, RACE Brisbane 2016, Actrol’s range of compressors, the winners of Actrol’s footy tipping competition, information on Actrol’s distribution centres, and information on mini condensate pumps.

Issue 4’s article on Tecumseh’s semi hermetic Acpac condensing unit emphasises its features, which is designed for use with R134a, R404a and R507 and can be used in both low and medium temperature applications. The Acpac condensing unit capacities currently range from 4.6kW to 34kW, and its applications are diverse in food and beverage cooling and freezing.

Issue 4’s article on RACE Brisbane 2016 emphasised the Expo’s success, which made it the largest RACE Expo held so far. The feature also emphasised the increased interactive nature of this year’s Expo and which stands attracted the most attention to attendees.

Issue 4’s article on Actrol’s range of compressors displayed the variety of hermetic, semi hermetic, scroll, screws and rotary compressors on offer. While the announcement of Actrol’s footy tipping competition also included the variety of prizes on offer for the winners.

The information on Actrol’s distribution centres included the fact that their distribution centres are based in four capital cities and that Actrol’s branches are supplied from their own industrial gas storage and packaging facility. The information on mini condensate pumps focused on the specification of pumps from multiple companies.

Issue 5 (January 2017) focuses on RACE Sydney 2017, the release of Tecumseh’s AJ2 Compressor, Kaden’s evaporative coolers, what ice and ice machines suit specific industries, and Cabero heat exchangers.

Issue 5 announces that RACE Sydney 2017 is being held in June, with Actrol joining forces with Reece HVAC-R and Metalflex to bring a “bigger and better show”.

Issue 5’s article on Tecumseh’s AJ2  Compressor focused on its introduction to the market and its features, which include TE Connect, an electrical connection that is pre-wired at the factory and incorporates a moulded plug that slides onto the electrical pins of the compressor. The article also states that the AJ2 Compressor will replace eventually replace existing CAJ/TAJ compressors. This issue’s article on Kaden evaporative coolers is not too dissimilar, emphasising the features of the coolers, which include being engineered specifically for Australia’s harsh summer conditions and large airflow requirements, as well as whisper quiet operation.

Issue 5’s article on ice and ice machines focuses on the specific industries that are best suited to BREMA’s various ice machine products. This issue’s article on Cabero’s heat exchangers also emphasise that they are made to suit various needs as they’re made to “tailor the airflow, energy usage and noise output to best match site limitations.”


Issues 4 and 5 of The Gauge can be found here and here.




Image via Pixabay.




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